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Jason Blanchard | How to Social Engineer your way into your dream job


This talk will cover how to social engineer or persuasively position yourself to be the best candidate for the job of your dreams. We will cover reconnaissance and open-source intelligence gathering, developing phishing emails that help you get people to open your resume, and how to reach your target audience “Recruiters” & “HR Managers” I have trained 1,000’s of college graduates on how to find the right job when it is needed, and this talk can help a student, recent graduate, or a seasons IT professional find their next step in their careers, in a funny and witty presentation where you’ll leave with a road map on how to social engineer your way to success… and stuff.


Jason is a professional Social Engineer… a dreaded marketer that ruins everything in life that was once free, and good, and easy to use. But… He also has some serious skills of persuasion, that can be used for the forces of good – your good.