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Call For Papers

CFP for BsidesOrlando has been closed. Thank you for your interest. If you’d like to submit a workshop, please visit the call for workshops!

Hear ye! Hear ye! The Great Court of BsidesOrlando has officially started accepting papers for the most righteous gathering of security professionals in the great City of Orlando! The great event is being held on March 12th and 13th somewhere on UCF campus.

tl;dr if you hate my CFP copy, you can go here and submit 

If thou ist seeking the Call For Workshops, you are in the incorrect place! Please visit Call For Workshops for proper submission guidelines and links.

The Instructions of the Talks

Per tradition, the complicated talk “tracks” are back. These erstwhile “tracks” are essentially overarching topics to let attendees know where they should spend their time! We will humbly accept papers of any topics, but we quite enjoy love hearing new work! Quite indeed.

Thou shall only be allowed 45 minutes of presentation, but if a talk goes over, we will be cross. Since we are civilized, we will not pretend to be cross. If thou prefers not to be recorded with our state of the art Recording Machine, please let us know. We appreciate the practitioners of the dark arts and their privacy.


Where the pages and squires gather, in order to learn from their elders and more experienced! A great castle or citadel require a great foundation to hold it up, much like the new recruits require a great foundation in skill to prop up their profession. If you are up and coming apprentice that wishes to showcase their work, thou should submit to this “track”.


Once thou has a great foundation, one needs to continue building. A great castle requires great parapets and optimal placement for murder holes. This “track” is for our defense strategists and The Order of the Blue members who wish to share their craft. We would humbly request that if you are considering submitting a talk this year, you will consider submitting a talk on the topic of defense. The Kingdom needs to see the great work of defensive practitioners and we wish to share it with them.

Wrecking Ball

Sometimes your castle needs to be torn down, so that a new castle can take it’s place. The Order of the Red and various mercenary members should consider this track. As they say, the best defense is a great catapult! If thou hast come up with a great war machine, or new technique to penetrate castles the Court would love to hear it. Do not simply limit yourself with the new, as expressed above, a number of attendees to the Great Conference of BsidesOrlando are pages and squires who have not seen some of the old texts.