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Security B-Sides Orlando is a community organized event, driven by the passion to connect people together, whether it’s to build relationships for a project, or to get to know your fellow professionals. BSides Orlando is run like a typical security conference, with tracks and various villages, but we differ in the approach to the speakers and attendees. We encourage new and aspiring speakers the chance to present for the first time, and access to industry veterans to have a conversation beyond asking a few questions at the end. This approach also allows the industry veterans to get fresh perspectives on their projects and ideas.

Capture The Flag

Join us for the first CTF created and run by Hack@UCF, SunshineCTF. SunshineCTF is a fun and immersive event intended to provide both novice and experienced participants with an environment to learn and test your skills. This is a jeopardy-style CTF with challenge categories such as forensics, web, and binary exploitation. Replete with distraction channel for your entertainment needs.

Lock Pick Village

TOOOL will be hosting our lockpick village. Take a crack at lock picking, stock up on tools, and try out every hacker’s other favorite hobby!

Central Florida ISSA Happy Hour

More details from our supports to come!