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David Switzer | Wifi Tracking: Collecting the (probe) Breadcrumbs


Wifi probes have provided giggles via Karma and Wifi Pineapples for years, but is there more fun to be had?  Like going from sitting next to someone on a bus, to knowing where they live and hang out?  Why try to MITM someone’s wireless device in an enterprise environment where they may notice — when getting them at their favorite burger joint is much easier.
In this talk we will review ways of collecting and analyzing probes. We’ll use the resulting data to figure out where people live, their daily habits, and discuss uses (some nice, some not so nice) for this information.   We’ll also dicuss how to make yourself a little less easy to track using these methods. Stingrays are price prohibitive, but for just tracking people’s movements.. this is 
cheap and easy.


David Switzer has been through the train industry, the cable industry, and even the ISP industry (technically twice) in his 20 years of being in technology. He works for a security firm in Tampa, Florida where he is paid to do mean things to companies, only because they ask nicely.  Infosec interests include doing mean things with RF signals, metadata mashing, looking for “oopsies” in firmware, and talking about himself in the third person.  Who doesn’t enjoy that last one, really?