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Cooper Quintin | Third Party Tracking: How it works and how to stop it for good


Almost everything you do on the web is being read and tracked. The web is no longer static HTML. Advanced browser features such as Javascript, cookies, and HTML5 are fantastic for making rich featureful sites, but they can also compromise your privacy. During the course of a typical web browsing session, information about what you read and who you are can be sent to hundreds of third party trackers without your knowledge or consent.

In this talk Cooper Quintin, Staff Technologist with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, will discuss the who, what, why and how of web tracking. He will demonstrate two tools: Panopticlick – EFF’s website demonstrating browser fingerprinting, and Privacy Badger – a browser extension to stop online tracking.

He will also discuss EFF’s plan to stop non-consensual third party tracking on the web once and for all.


Cooper is a security researcher and programmer at EFF. He has worked on projects such as Privacy Badger, Canary Watch, Ethersheet, and analysis of state sponsored malware. He has also performed security trainings for activists, non profit workers and ordinary folks around the world.