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Caleb Crable and Evan Keiser | Cloud & Control: Where do we go from here?


With so many people taking advantage of the cloud, no one really thinks about how the cloud is taking advantage of you. We will be taking an in-depth look at the pros, and mostly cons, of the datacenter clusters that we harmlessly refer to as cloud infrastructure. These pros and cons shift from whitehat to blackhat in an instant depending on the circumstances. From using online backup for your corporate office, to an attacker breaking in, encrypting your cloud data, and ransoming it back to you. While a fortune 500 organization uses the cloud for their storage and email, there is another server physically sitting right next to it propagating exploit kits. We will be presenting real-world examples of how easy it is to hide in the cloud as an attacker, and how impossible it is to hide in the cloud for everyday users. Whether it be saucy selfies, bank or medical records, or even just highly valued data in general; How safe do you actually think it is…on someone else’s computer?


Caleb is a Malware Analyst at Cylance, practicing dirtywhitehat, and frequent contributor to the information security community both online and at technology security events. Caleb enjoys long walks on the beach with polymorphic malware in his leisure.

Evan also serves as a Malware Analyst at Cylance, constantly disseminating new threat intelligence among his team and performing security incident reconstruction in his spare time. Based in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, in his free time Evan is an avid lock picking enthusiast and penetration tester who enjoys finding holes in virtual and physical security controls of all kinds, belgian waffles and hacking all the things.