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Adam Losey | Data Privacy: Legal Alphabet Soup


CFAA, CAN-SPAM, HIPPA, and CADRA are just a few of the many alphabet-soup acronyms that make up the legal rubric in the United States that govern information security, privacy, and technological issues- information security professionals need to understand the patchwork of laws in the United States (and Florida in particular) to be truly effective in their endeavors.  New state laws appear every day with different standards for what data is considered sensitive and how an organization is dealt with if they disclose protected information. What laws should you be aware of when engaging your organization about risk and data disclosure? This talk will focus on the CFAA, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, as well as CADRA, Florida’s Computer Abuse and Data Recovery Act. Adam Losey, an internationally recognized attorney working in Central Florida will discuss information security and privacy law, what it means to information security professionals, and how to approach data privacy laws. The talk will include 20-30 minutes of round table style discussion allowing the audience to ask questions regarding matters of law and data privacy.


Adam Losey is an internationally recognized attorney, author, and educator in the field of technology law. He represents a number of Fortune 100 companies in high-stakes complex litigations across the country involving challenging issues at the intersection of law and technology. In addition to his litigation practice, Mr. Losey routinely advises clients large and small on a variety of sophisticated information security, incident response, privacy, electronic discovery, and data management matters. Inside and out of the courtroom, he efficiently and creatively solves problems for clients in a variety of situations.